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tourism seo begins with a well-built website

When potential clients search Google for services in your area, how prominent is your business?

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  • Page 1 of Google matters

    With 90% of people never going past page one of Google, if you want to be found you have to put in the time and work.

  • Top 3 in Google matters

    The top result gets three times more visitors than any others, and the top 3 results get more visitors than every other result combined.

  • Stop losing business to your competition

    When your business is high in Google people are much more likely to find your business online and choose your services.

Tourism SEO – What do you really need to focus on?

If your business has any visibility at all, you probably get mails all the from random business offering to fix your website and help you get to the top of Google. It’s hard to know what is real and what is spam or BS trying to get you to bite. We break it down simply and honestly.

The number one thing that matters is you have to be running a successful business already. Our Tourism SEO services can help your business get to the top of Google and drive warm traffic to your site, but it’s only worth it if your business is already profitable. Build a great business, and then use SEO to secure your place at the top.

What actually matters with regards to SEO?

  • Engaging

    If your site has no visual or design appeal and doesn’t sell the experience people won’t stick around, and your ranking will decrease over time.

  • Context & Content

    For a page to be ranked first it has to have good, useful, relevant content that offers answers and a solution to what people are looking for

  • Authority

    For your site to come to the top of Google for keywords, it needs to be seen as an authority on the subject. You get this authority from backlinks – sites linking to your website.

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So what do you need to focus on to get to the top of Google?

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  • On-page SEO

    This means making sure pages are relevant, have great content, and aren’t stuffed with keywords but present information naturally.

  • Technical SEO

    There are certain things that Google likes – a fast website, a certain structure to the code and so on. We know what matters.

  • Off-Page SEO

    This refers to the type and number of links pointing to your pages from other sites. If other websites refer to you, so will Google.

Free Training: ” Booked Solid”

Not just tourism SEO, we are focused on how to build great websites, how to get them found in Google, how to successfully advertise and more. Basically, helping tourism operators have a great presence and make sales online. Learn what is working here.

Yes Please

Recent Project: Evergreen International Ski School

evergreen international ski school tourism seo basics

Evergreen International Ski School was originally run under the banner of Evergreen Outdoor Center. The Hakuba ski school side of operations was branded as Evergreen International Ski School and in 2017 the business was given it’s own unique website.

The challenge when setting up a website on a brand new domain is getting it found in Google, but there are a number of steps that can be taken to speed things up.

The site went live in April 2017 and by the time clients were searching for services to book it was already ranked on Page 1 for a number of keywords and search terms.

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