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Put your services in front of thousands of ideal potential customers and convert them into paying guests.

online marketing for tourism
  • Targeted digital campaigns

    Put your services in front of your ideal guests - target by age, interests, location and more

  • Timeless strategies

    We use marketing strategies that have worked for decades, delivered digitally

  • Conversion focused

    We focus on targeting the right people, and encouraging action

Tourism Online Marketing - How to know where to begin?

While Digital Marketing is often used as a term encompassing anything that involves business online - websites, SEO and so on, to Hakuba Digital it means something specific.

When we talk about Digital Marketing, we are talking about creating sales funnels that lead your future guests to take action, and then driving targeted traffic to those sales funnels using social media and digital advertising.

  • Online Advertising

    In most cases we use either Google or Facebook advertising to get your services in front of people.

  • Landing or Squeeze Pages

    This refers to where we drive traffic - a particular page setup to encourage visitors to take a specific action

  • Sales Funnels

    We don't just want them to see your services, we want them to be drawn into your marketing system - your funnel - and nurtured on the journey from potential customer to raving fan

tourism digital marketing campaigns

So what matters when running online marketing campaigns for tourism?

online marketing for tourism
  • Visual Appeal

    People are swamed with messages and advertising daily. Ads especially need to be visually appealling - beutiful images or video - to capture people's interest.

  • Social Proof

    We love what other people love. Think how can you incorporate this into your campaigns through testimonials, recommendations and more

  • Encourage Action

    Without a reason, why take action? We use timeless methods including limited time and limited offers to encourage action

Free Training: "Booked Solid"

Not just tourism SEO, we are focused on how to build great websites, how to get them found in Google, how to successfully advertise and more. Basically, helping tourism operators have a great presence and make sales online. Learn what is working here.

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Recent Project: Adwords Campaign

online marketing for tourism

Though we are huge proponents of Tourism SEO, putting you in front of people whenever they are searching for your services, a successful business utilises multiple marketing funnels.

In late 2017 we were approached by a new boutique business looking to sell more tours for their upcoming season. While they enquired about SEO, due to the short window available we instead worked with them to roll out an online advertising campaign.

25 days later, with an adspend of $163, we had generated $9333 worth of leads - a ROI of 5700%.

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