“Waiheke Wine Tours” Industry Review

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waiheke island wine tours seo review

While doing research for a client recently we were looking at a range of wine tour companies across New Zealand. To get the best idea of which regions had the most searches I started to do some keyword research, and was somewhat surprised to find that of all the regions in New Zealand, Waiheke is by far the most popular … Read More

How to rank your tourism business top in Google

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how to rank higher in google

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – getting your website found in Google – is a tricky thing. Everyone wants to be first, and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to get there, especially if you are a new business in an established market. Add to this the fact that most businesses get emails about SEO services several times … Read More

How to improve your TripAdvisor ranking

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how to improve your tripadvisor rating

TripAdvisor has been around since 2000, and has grown to be one of the world’s biggest travel sites. Originally they intended to provide “official information” about tour operators and accommodation, however the review function took off and is a huge part of what draws people to the site.¬†Here we are looking specifically at TripAdvisor and how to improve your TripAdvisor … Read More

How to get more reviews for your tourism business

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how to get more tourism reviews

I think we can all agree that reviews make a difference to how people make decisions online. The 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey found that while 28% of people choose a local business by price or location, 52% look for positive customer reviews first. And that was so long ago now – social proof has stepped it up a bunch … Read More

How to turn visitors to your website into paying guests

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marrkakech hotel nyc website conversion

There are a bunch of terms that get thrown around in the Digital Marketing world. One that we use regularly is traffic. Traffic refers to the people who visit your website. If you have no visitors you have a traffic problem, which can be resolved through SEO (working to get your site ranked in Google), social media campaigns (post cool … Read More